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    Rapid prototyping services bring CAD files and design ideas to life using 3D printing and CNC machines. Test fit, fit, form, and function - and as many design iterations as you like-with functional models made out the following materials:ABS, POLYCARBONATE, POLYPHENYLSULFONE, STAINLESS STEEL, ALUMINUM and more.

    Concept modeling

    There is no better way to evaluate the merits of a new design than to bring it to life as a physical concept model. Low cost and quick to produce, precise concept models look and feel like the final product-ideal for presenting new items to key stakeholders early in the design process.

    Functional prototyping

    Functional prototyping allows you to verify designs, test part functionality, and demonstrate an idea well before moving into production when time and cost for changes become prohibitive.

    Product SHOW
    Here are samples of manufactured products.

    Lisin uses only state of the art equipment and the latest technologies to provide customers with top quality, precision prototypes-fast. Plus, we offer a range of technolotyes and materials, making it possible to match nearly any application you need such as transparent, high-strength, high-temperature resistant, flexible and more. Some of our capabilities including:

    3D printing:

    ● FDM(fused deposition modeling) - numerous, real thermoplastic options

    ● SLA(stereolithography) - high definition, great for clear and large batches

    ● SLS( selective laser sintering) - strong nylon and great for batch runs

    Machining and tooling:

    ● 3-5 axis CNC small batches

    ● Short run injection molding - low quantity, rapid tools for early development

    ● Finishing options - sanding, painting, hardware placement, etc.

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